India helpless spectator in Maldives case: Ex-President’s kin

Dunya Maumoon

NEW DELHI:, on Thursday lashed out against In Former foreign minister of Maldives, Dunya Maumoondia for failing to be a big power in its own neighbourhood, and not doing enough to secure the release of her father from prison.

In a tweet directed at foreign minister Sushma Swaraj, Dunya said, “I believe India is failing in its responsibility to maintain stability & assist democracy in the Maldives. I appeal to India to assist my father President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the father of modern Maldives & the architect of India-Maldives relations in the modern era.”

The Indian government has been a helpless spectator, as he island nation’s President, Abdulla Yameen, has given enough hints that he is in rush to restore democracy in Maldives. In fact, Yameen extended his emergency in defiance of India’s exhortations to desist.

The entire emergency was, according to security officials here, intended to clear the path for Yameen to be re-elected from a field of one in September when the country goes to the polls. Abdul Gayoom, is also the half-brother of Yameen, and has been thrown into prison by the President for allegedly plotting a “coup” against him in February. Dunya has stepped up her campaign to free her father.

Dunya’s father Abdul Maumoon and brother MP Faris Maumoon are both in prison.

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