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India expresses interest in investing in the Maldives

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has expressed interest to invest in the Maldives. This was done during the meeting held between the Maldivian delegates who visited India and the CII under the name ”The Maldives Is Open for Business Again”.

The meeting was also attended by Economic Minister, Honorable Fayyaz Ismail, Finance Minister, Honorable Ibrahim Ameer and Foreign Minister, Honorable Abdullah Shahid where different opportunities available in the Health, Infrastructure and Sanitation sector in the Maldives were discussed with the CII during this assembly.

The purpose of this delegation is to collect 250 million dollar and 350 million dollar funds from the Indian government for PSIP projects, budget support and for free aid to the Maldivian government. It is estimated that free aid valued at USD 87.8 million (1.3 billion) Rufiyaa is to be obtained as according to the new budget for 2019.

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Source URL: Corporate Maldives

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