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In solidarity with the Maldives

We should always help our neighbours as best we can, even when we are overwhelmed at home

If the coronavirus pandemic has shown us one thing, it is that we are all in this together.

In that spirit of solidarity and charity, it is highly encouraging to see the Bangladesh government send a navy ship carrying essential medicines, equipment, and food to the Maldives for assistance.

The island nation has always been a friend to Bangladesh, and so today we are proud to lend a helping hand in a time of crisis.

Navy ship “Somudra Avijan” has set sail form Chittagong Naval Jetty, stocked with 20,000 sets of PPE, 5,000 hand sanitizers, 960 safety glasses, and 40 cartons of emergency medicines. In addition, there are 85 tons of food onboard. These provisions will go a long way towards providing relief and staving off the spread of Covid-19 in a country that has been plagued by problems like climate change and political instability in recent years.

It is, nevertheless, important to never forget that our people at home are also provided for. Recent reports speaking of corruption — in which relief meant for the poor were being stolen — are a shameful stain on our national consciousness, and we hope that the government takes that into account moving forward, punishing those responsible.

Nevertheless, we should always help our neighbours as best we can, even when we are overwhelmed at home — caring for ourselves and caring for others are not mutually exclusive. With many powerful governments around the world making serious missteps regarding fully understanding Covid-19’s scope of causing damage, it is encouraging to see Bangladesh do the right thing.

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