Import-export increase results in income hike

Customs has stated that the import-export statistics for September has increased, compared to the same period last year.

The statistics released by Customs show that imported goods into the country in September had a CIF percentage increase of four when compared with 2018. Maldives imported goods worth MVR 3.8 billion which garnered MVR 286 million to the state. The state gained MVR 262 million in the same period last year.

The highest number of imports into the Maldives in September originated from the United Arab Emirates worth around MVR 720 million. Imports from China ranked second at MVR 703 million. Indian imports stood around MVR 370 million. 19 per cent of these goods were machinery and mechanical equipment. 16 per cent were F&B products and 14 per cent were comprised of oil and gas.

Exports were covered 100 per cent by fish products which consisted of Iced Bluefin Tuna products. Yellowfin Tuna products were next up on the list of exported products. The Maldives exported around 47 per cent of these products to Thailand with France next on the list accounting for just eight per cent o exports. The UK and Germany were next on the list.

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