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Ibthihaal relative rejects blood money

A relative of Ibthihaal Mohamed, who was murdered by his mother, does not want compensation for his death, a court heard Tuesday.

Afiya Mohamed, of Rakeedhoo in Vaavu atoll, is charged with murdering her son, who was found dead with signs of severe physical abuse in January 2015. She has confessed to killing him.

In Tuesday’s hearing Afiya’s mother, Shaafiya Mohamed, appeared in court as the three year old’s next-of-kin.

When asked whether she wanted compensation for the death Shaafiya said no, before telling the judge that she did not know what it meant.

Judge Muhthaz Fahmy explained that compensation for the death was given in cases where the death penalty was not applicable in shariah law.

In the Maldives the compensation for death (diya) is MVR100,000 (US$6,382).

Shaafiya refused to take compensation from her daughter. Afiya was in the courtroom, handcuffed and with her head bowed as her mother spoke, according to Mihaaru.

Prosecutors protested the judge’s decision to take testimony from Shaafiya, saying the death penalty was not applicable in cases where a parent murders a child.

The judge ruled that although the death penalty was not applicable, compensation for the death was and it required the grandmother’s testimony.

Tuesday’s hearing was adjourned after the judge announced the next hearing would  be scheduled once more of Ibthihaal’s relatives could be identified and brought to court.

Police previously said that inter-generational violence and state negligence has led to the abuse and ultimately the death of Ibthihaal.

In 2016 Afiya’s stepfather was charged with incest in a separate case. Ismail Rauf of Meemu Atoll Dhiggaru Island is reported to have sexually and physically abused Afiya and Ibthihaal.

There was shock and also public outrage amid reports that authorities had been aware of the repeated abuse he had suffered.

Four gender ministry officials and a senior policeman are facing criminal charges of negligence over the murder of Ibthihaal.

According to the Prosecutor General’s office, the officials include Mohamed Shakeeb, Mohamed Rasheed, and two former employees, Aminath Shaziya and Ahmed Shuzad.

The police officer, Lishan Abubakuru, was the northern station’s acting commander in Vaavu atoll.

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