Hurawalhi: Spectacular underwater adventures in the Maldives’ newest resort.

[Image: Hurawalhi in the Maldives.]

With 120 or so luxury resorts now operational in the Maldives, newcomers keen to break into this lucrative market are debuting bigger spas, more sophisticated restaurant concepts and increasingly experimental interiors. Opened in December, Hurawalhi’s primary point of distinction won’t be entirely obvious to new arrivals – to see what makes this property special they’ll need to go underwater.


hurawalhi pool

The resort’s crescent-shaped infinity pool stands beside the partially sunken Coco Bar


Diving at Hurwalhi

Diving at Hurawalhi

Ray van Eeden

Hurawalhi manta rays

Manta rays are among the most impressive creatures to be seen at Hurawalhi


5.8, Hurawalhi's underwater restaurant

5.8, Hurawalhi’s underwater restaurant



Canneli restaurant

Hurawalhi beach villa

A beach villa

An overwater pool villa

An overwater pool villa

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