How to spend your vacation in Maldives

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Spending your vacation in Maldives will probably be one of your better decisions for the year! If your New Year resolutions included holidaying it up in one of the most beautiful places on earth, that most would mistake it for heaven or paradise, then Maldives is definitely the ideal country to spend your holiday in.

1. Why Maldives
It’s not often that you’ll get the chance to the visit paradise on earth, and with the current rapid growth of global warming; the Maldives islands will give way to the clutches of the waters of the Indian Ocean. Maldives is made up of a collection of 26 atolls, comprising of over 1,200 islands that are beautiful and different in its own way. Over 100 of these are home to Maldives island resorts, and those searching for accommodation will be able to choose from a variety — sometimes making it hard to pick one, especially with properties such as Kuramathi Island Resort. The coral reefs around many of the islands are perfect for snorkelling and beach lovers can spend the entire day exploring the dazzling waters that are teeming with marine life.

2. When to go?
Located closer to the equator, the Maldives maintains a rather tropical climate all year round. Temperatures usually range from 26C to 30C. The monsoon season hits around November but usually settles by December. Peak season to visit the islands are from November to April, and the most ideal months to visit are from January to March. During peak season, the skies are bright blue and clear while the seas are transparent and turquoise. Low season begins in May as the weather is generally less predictable, however if you don’t mind a few spells of showers, the islands of Maldives are great to visit throughout the year!

3. Water Sports
Two of the most recommended water activities to try when you’re visiting Maldives, is either snorkelling or diving. Both these activities provide an excellent way to explore the beauty of life beneath the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, without causing much damage to the marine life. However, when snorkelling, visitors are requested not to disturb or damage the coral reefs and the marine creatures in any way, as they are crucial to the eco system. With the disastrous effects of global warming, where coral bleaching is the main cause of the destruction of reefs, many resorts have been adopting conservation programmes and efforts to save the fragile eco system. Kayaking through the waters are also a less harmful water sport to try in the Maldives as you can gently glide along the waters without causing much disturbance to the reefs and its inhabitants. Divers are advised not to interact or touch anything they see during their exploration, as the behaviour of most marine animals are unpredictable and doing so might be harmful to yourself and those around you.

4. Local Laws
Before travelling to a foreign country, it is always imperative to read up on local laws and rules of etiquette to save you from embarrassing situations or interferences with the law. As Maldives is a Muslim country, note that wearing swimwear outside your hotel or the island it’s on is strictly prohibited. Those visiting the main city of Male are advised to cover their shoulder and knees and always dress modestly. Topless sunbathing, even at your hotel’s private beach is against the law. Alcohol is generally served at hotel bars and restaurants, even though you won’t see any in the main city. Do ensure that you are not intoxicated in any way before visiting Male as it could attract unwanted attention from locals and the law force.

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