How to spend your time in Maldives

Surrounded by hues of blue-green, salty breeze and small luxuries, Maldives is a wonderful holiday destination. Maldives offers its own unique set of charms for holiday makers to savour. Here’s how you can make the most of your time in the Maldives.

Island hop — A little bit
There are approximately 2000 islands in the Maldives and you can choose a few of those to island hop and make day visits from your main resort. You can hop on a sea plane or a cruise to visit a nearby fishing village or go snorkelling in a different part of the ocean. You can spend a romantic day in a cruise island hopping, sampling good food and beverages and snorkelling with an occasional turtle. Visit the islands’ green centre during the day and end your day with a serene walk along the pristine sand, warmed by the sun’s rays and cooling under your feet. The many islands here are where you can add to your list of ‘Maldives places to visit.’ Some island hopping tours offer barbeques on the beach and a full day of sea voyages and meetings with the local people.

Water sports
Many resorts such as the Adaaran Prestige Water Villas offer in-house water sports packages. If you are of the adventurous type take up jet skiing and let the thrill of high speed and sprinkles of salty drops take you into another world. You can scuba dive deep into the Indian Ocean surrounding Maldives to have a rendezvous with curious sea creatures. Capture a gust of wind in your sail and glide along the refreshing waters of a lagoon or kayak across the same gazing at the luminous surrounding. Put on your flippers and feel like a fish as you snorkel the waters around your temporary island home seeking for fellow sea creatures of the vibrant kind.

Treat yourself to a spa day
A good beach holiday requires a day or two spent in treating yourself to a great spa treatment. Probably your resort includes an in-house spa. You can choose from a variety of treatments including an authentic ayurvedic regime featuring healthy food and beverages, a Swiss spa treatment or a more vigorous Thai massage. To reap benefits from the full range of facilities available on your vacation, go for the whole deal. Soak up in an herbal bath infused with fragrant essential oils and sip an herbal beverage and feel your body react to the healing powers. Lie back and let go of all worries while an experienced professional relieves the tension from your body with a soothing massage.

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