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How to Snorkel for Beginners

Snorkelling is an exciting sport which does not require one to have a lot of equipment or even a lot of skills. It is ideal to enjoy the fabulous world below the waves. All you need are mask, snorkel and fins; couple this with the ability to swim and you are good to go. Interested? Do read on for some very helpful tips on how to start off your snorkelling adventures.

1. How to Get Started
Start off by getting yourself a snorkel and mask which fits comfortably. Test the equipment in water to make sure there are no leaks. Your mask should fit snugly, but not uncomfortably and should not leak, pull the straps and adjust the fit accordingly, you can test it in a tub of water to make sure it seals well. If you wear glasses, get yourself a prescription adjusted snorkel mask to be able to see underwater. There are also disposable masks which are ideal to use on holiday.

2. Get Accustomed to Breathing Through the Snorkel
Breath slowly, with caution and through your mouth once you have bitten down on the snorkel mouthpiece. Don’t panic, keep in mind the fact that you can lift your head out of the water at any given time. Relax and stay aware of your breaths, listen to the sound of your breathing through the snorkel. Listen and get into a rhythm once this is done, you can relax and start exploring the sights underwater. If you are staying at a Maldives resort hotel head to the beach and swim out to the nearest house reef while remembering to practise breathing in the shallow waters first. Snorkelling is especially fun and encouraged around Maldives island resorts such as Anantara Veli Maldives Resort so definitely look to give it a try.

3. Make Sure to Put on a Buoyancy Vest
A buoyancy Vest will make sure you float on the surface, without having to put in much of an effort. Take time to choose one that fits right; if you ask around you will find out that buoyancy vests in certain colours are recommended in areas designated as commercial snorkelling zones.

4. Practise Keeping Your Airway Tube Clear
During your snorkelling tour, your tube is bound to fill up with water; this can happen if the surf is choppy, you bend your head too deep into the water or even splash about too much. If this happens, there is no need to panic, simply take a deep breath and lower your head below the surface until the top of the snorkel is submerged, once you feel the water entering the snorkel barrel, lift your head until the snorkel tip is out of the water, but not your head. Next exhale vigorously, creating a blast effect to expel all water from your tube; repeat the motion once more to expel any remaining water. This is a method which you can use to successfully clear your snorkel tube.

5. Learn the Art of Heading Underwater
Once you get familiar with your air tube and know the art of cleaning the air tube, you can start to dive below the waves to get a closer look at the coral and marine life. To do this, take a deep breath and then dive, once you surface, keep your head below the waves and clear the air tube in the above fashion.

6. Use Fins
Fins will help you to swim faster, as well as help you to move forward without much resistance or creating too much of a splash. To swim with fins and dive, keep your arms on either side, stretch your feet out and angle your body until your feet are pointing outwards and away from your body. Now bend your knees slightly and kick to propel yourself forward. Learn to float with the waves as much as possible. Remember practice makes perfect and you will get the hang of snorkelling after a few bouts.

7. Pick the Right Spot
Picking the right spot is crucial, in the Maldives you can swim to the nearest reef from the beach of your Maldives island resort, and start exploring. A better bet is to join a snorkelling tour, as the tour operators are experts on the best places to explore on a snorkelling expedition. Have fun!

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power khan

I am starting snorkeling with full face snorkel mask is that okay as a beginner snorkeler or I have to take a traditional snorkel mask. ?