How to Prepare For a Spa Day


How to Prepare For a Spa Day

Spa day: what a glorious phrase! It is important to know that a spa day, whether you do it bi-weekly or bi-annually, is something that is therapeutic. It is not really a decadent treatment — though it may feel like one, especially if you happen to go to a luxury spa in Maldives — but a treatment that attempts to restore natural balance to your body. Therefore, there are some things you must do in preparation in order to gain the maximum benefit from the treatment.

1. Watch your diet
What you eat plays an important role in how well your body receives the spa treatment. It is generally advised that you avoid a heavy diet that leaves you feeling stuffed and bloated. Caffeine is also recommended to be avoided and being inebriated is a definite no. Such practices could not only leave your treatment lacking but could also cause harm to your body than any good. A good practice is to consume something light like a bit of toast or fruit. However, do not go for your treatment without having at least a snack because maintenance of proper blood sugar levels is important. It is proof of how important the diet is prior to a spa treatment that some of the high-end spas like the one at Anantara Veli Maldives Resort create a special food menu for their guests.

2. Shower
It goes without saying that you must not go in for your spa treatment fresh from sports practices, sweaty and dirty. It is important that you take a hot shower before the treatment. Not only is this respectful towards your masseuse who will have to be in close proximity to your body, but it will also allow the pores in your body to open up allowing for more soaking of the massage oils and herbs. A hot shower also helps with relaxation of muscles so that your treatment will feel all the better.

3. Do a bit of stretching
If you are one of those people who is a couch potato or carry heavy things around a lot — like school bags, laptop bags, etc. — it would be a good practice to stretch your muscles before going in for your spa treatment. A bit of stretching is not difficult to do and would take a maximum of five minutes. This will allow your muscles to be ready to receive the pressure and massaging that is the core part of your spa treatment.

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