How to Plan the Best Beach Holiday in Maldives

Maldives is the ultimate beach holiday destination. You have over a 1000 little islands to enjoy. Powdery sun bleached beaches and alluring tropical ocean and marine life are bound to blow your mind. So how do you enjoy this enchanting archipelago? By pre-planning and deciding on the best activities, experiences and adventures the Maldives has to offer. Here are some plans and activities well worth adding to your itinerary.

Carefully Choose your Maldives Destination
Of the 200 odd inhabited islands in the Maldives most are owned by private resorts that offer tourists the ultimate experience. From over water villas to dining at below the ocean restaurants these holiday resorts are experts at taking this tropical paradise to new heights. Choose from resorts boasting a verdant house reef to a glistening lagoon and enjoy the ocean like never before. Utilising the services of an experienced Maldives travel agent will help you immensely with Vacation Maldives being among the names that one can consider.

Plan your Maldives Adventures
There are plenty of Maldives holiday packages to choose from. Look forward to losing yourself is a world where sun, sand and surf are more than a passing pleasure. Choose from liveaboard scuba diving tours and snorkelling safaris. Explore the 26 coral atolls, dive amongst some of the world’s best coral reefs and enjoy being at sea on a luxury yacht. Take on island excursions and snorkel in hidden bays while enjoying picnics on isolated sandbars. All this and more is yours to experience by choosing the right holiday package to Maldives.

Plan on Taking Scuba Dive Lessons
If you have not experienced the splendour of the ocean depths do plan on taking PADI diving courses in the Maldives. Just about every luxury resort and dive centre in the nation offers this facility. It’s open for ages 10 and above; offering expert instructors and all safety precautions.

Plan an Island Hopping Tour
The Maldives is an ancient nation that has relied on the sea for many years. You can fully understand this by visiting the local islands; these are home to simple fisher folk who will regale you with ancient folklore and offer delicious local snacks. On an island hopping tour you get to enjoy local culture and traditions as well as explore the uninhabited havens around each atoll. Pristine beaches are framed by glistening oceans while verdant island forests and tropical fruit trees add to the allures of relishing carefree island life.

Plan to Hit the Beaches and Take a Million Photos
In Maldives there are plenty of beaches to chill at; sun bleached powdery white sand havens the beaches are truly stunning. The perfect place to wear that designer swimwear to, the beach is ideal for posing and snapping up the perfect social media uploads. Mind you the private resorts are the only places that one can wear revealing beachwear at; since the country is a Muslim nation one must take care to appreciate and observe the conservative culture there.

Plan Loads of Swimming
Do pack a swimsuit that you can actually swim in. The Indian Ocean surrounding the Maldives is just too inviting to stay out of. You will most likely be doing loads of swimming while there and a practical swimsuit is needed. Do plan on exploring the nearby islands and swimming in the glistening bays.

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