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Naladhu Maldives
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When it comes to visiting the tropics a lot of planning isn’t required as the weather is great almost throughout the year. However, it is always prudent to make a list, know where to go, what to see and what to eat to gain the most from your time and money spent. Since Maldives consists of a multitude of islands, it is necessary to be prepared to island hop, take a bunch of boat rides or sea plane rides a point worth remembering when the bags are being packed.

Reservations and Timings
Resorts in Maldives seem to be full quite often, therefore the earlier you decide and confirm the better it is for you to enjoy a problem free stay. Many a Maldives Islands luxury resort would offer deals during off peak days or provided that you book months in advance. If your international flight lands at the Malè airport after sunset, the frequencies of the boats and planes that fly between the islands and the airport island would be less, therefore, have a proper arrangement with regard to your onward travel to the hotel or resort. Some islands are about 90 minutes away by plane, but some others such as Naladhu Maldives can be reached in just over half an hour by speed boat.

Plan to Stay Connected
Maldives being a collection of islands boasts of rapturous beauty, opportunity for seclusion and peace of mind. However, in this day and age one cannot enter in to complete hibernation and rates of communication even locally can be expensive. If you have any important business emails to attend to while on holiday, make sure that you inquire from the hotel about the availability of free wifi. In case you feel you should get a back up, check your own local mobile service provider’s roaming rates for Maldives and have the package activated. Without free wifi or some other pre arranged communication facility, even to send a short message to a family member or friend, you would have to pay quite handsomely.

Plan the Meals
With seawater lapping in to the backyards of almost every household, hotel, nook and cranny, there is never a shortage of seafood and fish. What’s more, given that many who are not involved in tourism are engaged in the fisheries trade, the catch is generally fresh. However, if you or someone you are traveling with isn’t a great fan or is allergic to seafood, make sure that you inform the hotel early. They may need to source some extra vegetables, poultry items and fruits to serve while you are holidaying there.

Think of Your Favourite Water Activities
If you hope to snorkel, scuba dive, fish, surf, ski or simply swim in the tranquil waters that you know you will be surrounded by, call the hotel and check whether they have the gear that you require. Usually one island is dedicated to one resort and there is literally nothing else on that island. Trying to import something from the main island would be a costly and time consuming affair; obviously it wouldn’t be fun to sit around placing calls and coordinating the delivery of a set of flippers while on holiday. Therefore, you need to carefully plan what to pack after taking in to consideration what the hotel already has. In case the hotel does indicate that there is a possibility of renting, the charges should be verified such that you don’t run in to any unpleasant surprises.

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