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How to go fishing in the Maldives

Fishing in Maldives | Image Credit: CS Jay, Maldivesfish3, CC BY 2.0
The Maldives has been delivering successful fishing tours for a while. Most often, the Indian Ocean that surrounds this archipelago keeps its promise of a good catch. Here is how you can have a wonderful fishing trip in the Maldives.

What is allowed
A large number of Maldivians rely on fishing to make a living and most often you cannot fish close to the shore. If you fish close to a reef that is within the parameters of a reserve, you may have to pay a penalty of up to $2000. Nevertheless, if the resort manager gives you permission, you can go ahead and fish near the shore. You can also fish near the shores of remote islands or near inhabited local islands. However, if you happen to stay at an island where the distance between the reef edge and the shore is bigger than 1000 meters, you can fish beyond the 700-metre boundary. As an attractive alternative to shore fishing, many a Maldives island resort offer deep sea fishing expeditions to visitors. In addition, to restrictions on fishing in certain areas, there are other fishing practices that are prohibited in the Maldives. You cannot use dynamite to catch fish or even fishing guns. The use of poison is also banned in the Maldives. When you fish in lagoons, you are not allowed to use nets. Sharks are a protected species in the Maldives and killing those during your fishing expedition can land you in troubled waters.

Go on a big game fishing expedition
Big game fishing is a type of deep sea fishing that is available in the Maldives. You can book a big game fishing expedition as a private charter from your luxury resort and you will have plenty of luck with your expert instructor by your side to help. Most visitors, even the first timers catch fish such as tuna, marlin and Dorado during their fishing expeditions. The ideal time frame for deep sea fishing falls between November and March.

Shore fishing
While you will need permission from the resort to fish near their shores, if you are granted that privilege, expect to catch fish such as bream, barracuda and small grouper. Shore fishing methods involve fly fishing, casting from the beach as well as the use of live bait to tempt fish. It is advisable to use a strong braided line to catch fish that live near the shores of the Maldives. You can also go shore fishing near inhabited local islands. For those of you interested in witnessing the way of life of local fisherfolk, resorts such as Adaaran Club Rannalhi organizes tours.

Try out Jigging and Popping
This form of sports fishing is a popular fishing activity in the Maldives. You can try this type of fishing amid the shallow flats in this bounteous archipelago. Some fishing enthusiasts opt to go for week long fishing tours and return with large fish such as amberjack and even Giant Trevally. Who would not want to take a fabulous picture with a giant fish they’ve caught and kept the memory of the vigorous exercise, excitement and the salty sensations alive for a lifetime?

Go on a romantic nighttime fishing expedition
Start your fishing expedition as the cobalt blue sky beckons you ahead with star tingles on board a traditional dhoni vessel. You can fish for squirrelfish, mackerel, snapper and even emperors by the starlight. Absorb the mystery and the romance of the Indian Ocean at night and take a tour of the timelessness of this vast body of mysterious salty water. Oh, the places you’ll go.

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