How to Get Ready for a Vacation in Maldives

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How to Get Ready for a Vacation in Maldives

As one of the world’s most coveted beach holiday destinations and honeymoon hotspots, the island paradise of Maldives is a dream vacation hub for the masses. Whether you are heading to the archipelago for a water sports holiday or a romantic getaway, making the most of your time in the island collective depends on adequate preparation. From selecting the best accommodation options to packing right, here are some tips on how to get ready for a tour of the Maldives.

1. Reserve Accommodation
Although it may seem counter-intuitive selecting, the base resort is the first step in preparing for a vacation in the Maldives as the location of the resort will determine other crucial aspects of travel. There are several issues travellers must consider when selecting a Maldives holiday hotel for the holidays as not all resort isles are created equal. Whether one selects a water sports hub the likes of Kuramathi Island Resort or a city hotel close to the capital Male it is important to consider the location of the base as well as the many on-site amenities and facilities available. Consider what activities and tour packages are part and parcel of the venue’s excursion options as well as the presence of a kid’s club if you are travelling with children.

2. Sort Flights and Transfers
Those who are heading to the Maldives for a vacation must then prepare for the visit by sorting out the flight to the destination. Nearly all major airlines fly to the Maldives while those who are heading to Asia from other countries in the region can opt to travel to the island nation from neighbouring Sri Lanka, Thailand or Singapore. Note that most international flights to the country arrive at Male International Airport in the nation’s capital. Resort bases in the Maldives are located outside Male in neighbouring atolls so you will have to make arrangements to travel to the resort island of your choice via boat transfer or via sea plane. Depending on the location of the resort isle as well as the flight arrival time visitors may need to look into booking overnight accommodation in Male as boat and sea plane transfers are not available at all hours.

3. Look into Activity Options
Next, it’s time to prepare for how you will spend your time during the getaway and reading up on the variety of activities and adventures available in the Maldives is a must for all first-time visitors. Although the country is perhaps best known as a honeymoon destination and a beach hub there’s plenty to do and experience in the Maldives that have nothing to do with its main natural attributes. From Maldivian food tours to culinary demonstrations and catamaran dining the choices are truly endless. Do your homework and note down a list of activities you wish to experience during your stay and make bookings with tour operators where necessary. Keep in mind that water sports such as diving, snorkeling and surfing are also popular activities in the islands.

4. Sign Up for Excursions
From submarine tours of what lies beneath to island hopping excursions into the virgin isles littering the archipelago, no Maldives holiday is complete without venturing outside your resort bases to explore what lies beyond the horizon. Sunset cruises are another top excursion alternative for visitors while sailing and yachting tours are equally engaging options.

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