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How to Dive in Maldives


Divers reach astronomical heights of delight under the sea in the waters that surround Maldives. It may be just about 400 km south-west of India, but the Indian Ocean jumps multiple levels in beauty, splendour, colour and transparency making diving even more rewarding than it could be elsewhere in the world. The coral reefs in Maldives, the shoals of fish that frisk by, the waves, rapids and currents are usually on the side of the diver quite often, making diving possible throughout the year.

Dive to Discover
Dive into books, journals and sites that would provide you with a list of what you would discover underwater, prior to actually plunging into those attractive azure waters. Is it the coral reefs or the mi sea mounds? Is it the Alcyonacea or the manta rays? Is it the shipwrecks or reef sharks? Depending on what you want to see up close the most, the most optimal spot may differ. If any kind of diving is your cup of tea, waste no further time, log on, find a good deal and book a luxurious stay for yourself and your companions at a hotel such as the Anantara Veli Maldives Resort where you will be properly spoilt during your stay. It is common knowledge that most fish and other aquatic creatures hover around other interesting features of the seabed. For instance, where there are sea mounds, wrecks and reefs, generally the sea creature population is higher.

Gear Yourself
Any experienced diver probably has how or her own scuba diving equipment and has a penchant dislike towards using anything else. If you do fall into this category, go ahead and reserve sufficient space and weight for you to carry them to Maldives, otherwise, ring the hotel and make arrangements to use the paraphernalia they have. In the event, you choose to take your own, keep the domestic plane or boat operators informed such that you will not be carrying too much luggage than acceptable by them. Never leave the task of arranging the equipment to the last minute as you may find that renting the gear costs quite a bit if there isn’t a particular dedicated renting outlet on the island that you will be visiting.

Know the Waters
The waters that surround Maldives are considered suitable for intermediate and professional divers. The currents are between medium and strong, which means that you would be required to perform a negative entry; a type of dive where you descend as far down as possible no sooner you submerge yourself. During the first few months of the year, the visibility levels are at its best, at times extending to even 100 feet. A typical Maldivian water dive needs to end within an hour due to the currents and the depth.

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