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How to Adopt a Coral in Maldives


As one of the newest initiatives to save the paradise archipelago’s coral reef heritage, adopting a coral is among the most influential projects, visitors can take part in on a holiday. Offering vacationers the chance to make a lasting impact on the pristine environment of the Maldives, the coral adopting programs are some of the most groundbreaking efforts in motion to save the dwindling coral reefs in the archipelago. Here’s how you can contribute to the efforts.

1. Read Up
Those who are interested in taking part in any eco-friendly activities or initiatives in the country should first and foremost understand the environmental challenges faced by the Maldives. Knowledge is empowering and making a difference to the paradise archipelago’s environment /oceanic preservation or joining in with conservation efforts should be a conscious endeavour. It is not a matter of throwing money at a cause or feeling compelled to make a donation or volunteer but taking the time to understand the threat faced by coral reefs in the Indian Ocean and making a conscious contribution. It is a scientific fact, however unfortunate, that over 90% of the shallow coral reefs in the Maldives have been lost due to climatic reasons, rising levels of water temperature in the ocean and El Nino. Coral adoption and planting initiatives have been launched to reintroduce corals to areas of the ocean that have been affected. Coral bleaching is perhaps the biggest threat to the health of corals in the Maldives.

2. Visit Coral Nurseries
Travellers hoping to adopt a coral and take part in conservation efforts would greatly benefit from visiting a coral nursery near their base hotel or resort whether it’s the Niyama Private Islands Maldives or any of the countless other resort hubs in the archipelago. While some visitors will come across the vibrant natural coral reefs of the country when diving or snorkeling in Maldives, few will encounter the nurseries from which healed corals are planted back in the ocean after months of monitoring the growth of the corals and documenting progress in terms of how well the corals are growing. The small patches of corals grown in nurseries make a big difference when the plants are reintroduced to the ocean as many of the ocean’s organisms including fish species depend on coral for both habitats and as a food source.

3. Join in the Program
Visitors should also be aware that coral adoption is not the only way they can make a contribution to the coral heritage of the island collective. In fact, holidaymakers can volunteer to take part in coral planting efforts by signing up with local organizations and taking an active role in the replanting and coral adoption program. A majority of the work involves taking broken pieces of coral and gluing the pieces on to a concrete frame with a bit of cement. The reef thus grows with the support of the concrete stands and volunteers can monitor the growth of the corals online, after their holiday has concluded and keep track of the progress made. Corals grow a mere 2cm a year so while it may be a while before one sees one’s effort pay off in a tangible manner, the significance of the act itself is immeasurable in terms of conservation initiatives.

4. Donate
Although most coral adoption initiatives typically charge participants for taking part in the activity, visitors with the means to do so can help further by making a donation to local organizations. Donations from vacationers and volunteers are used not only to help the coral planting and adoption programs in the country but other local projects and funds that tackle other pertinent issues regarding the environment.

5. Be a Responsible Holidaymaker
In addition to participating in coral adoption programs while on holiday, visitors can also make the effort to reduce their carbon footprint on the Maldives by adopting eco-friendly tourism practices. From minimizing the use of resources such as electricity and water to proper waste management and selecting eco-friendly hotels and tours, the choices are endless.

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