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How Niru Hacakthon is helping Maldives to be the the next South Asian Silicon Valley

Maldives, where sands are white as the smiles of the locals, where fish swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the weather is a dream, and the deep rays of the sun wait to engulf you in their arms.

Why NIRU Hackathon/Accelerator

We all know Maldives as a tourist destination , a lovely paradise an Island Nation known for its azure seas, coral reefs and idyllic palm-fringed beaches. A nation of just 400,000 citizens,Yet the country is also quickly turning into one of Asia’s economic success stories.The Maldives Government and the Private Sector is now turning to technological solutions to ensure its citizens feel connected.

So How Maldives ,a tourist destination will achieve the goal of being a Tech giant in the Region

Team ideamart partnered up with Ooredoo Maldives to make their dream a reality to help them to build a startup ,technological culture and to build global center for high technology, innovation, venture capital and social media.inside 115 square miles.

NIRU Accelerator is a learning-based business accelerator programme in the Maldives, for innovative start-ups run by entrepreneurs working towards social change. NIRU Hackathon was held over the past weekend in partnership with Ideamart by Dialog Axiata PLC., and served as an entry point for the accelerator program.

The Hacakthon

Event started with a opening ceremony and team briefing did by Shafraz Rahim and Nafiz Abdulla , where the teams were introduced the ideamart platform and the capabilities,Teams Started Hacking Exactly at 1600 hours

As you all know for last 5 years , I had the opportunity to experience hackathons from many different angles: as a viewer , as a participant, as a Team-Leader,an organizer, and a mentor.This was the first time for me to go outside Srilankan soil to be a mentor in a Tech Event

All 6 teams who participated were special , six business cases that will take high traction in Maldivian Market.Top four teams were selected based upon the Severity of the Problem , Fundability , Scalability , innovation and Technology.


  • Team Cowrie: The team consists of three,two members were from financial industry and the third member is a developer who have a sound understanding about API technology.Team provided a solution for chatbot providing simplified recommendations for financial queries.Cowrie is using Ideamart CaaS API for monetizing the product.
  • Team Kumbu: They had a Arduino Board , GPS module and couple of mars bars on their table.All three members were very energetic , had a winning mindset to win the hackathon from the beginning.They came up with a centralized sea transportation management system to locate, book tickets or hire an excursion vessel without any hassle.The product was powered by ideamart Subscription API.
  • Javaabu Academy: A very experienced team of developers got together to develop an online tutor service providing a variety of educational courses in local language Dhivehi, while eliminating geographical boundaries.The speciality was they were already running the academy in small scale and they all were live educational sessions.javaabu academy is using Ideamart CaaS API for monetizing the product.
  • Team Flobo: We have many online selling platforms , but flobo made a difference by making it a B2B online platform which provides integrated logistics and supply solutions which is highly localized.Team Flobo has further plans of using ideamart APIs

Team Cowrie won the NIRU Hackathon 2018 organised by telecom giant Ooredoo Maldives.

In addition to Cowrie, four teams that participated in the hackathon received a golden ticket for the next phase of the NIRU Accelerator Program.

Teams that got access to NIRU Accelerator gain access to seed funding, a 12-week long intensive mentor-based learning programme, co-working space, digital tools for building their business, and the essential technical support from experts powered by Ideamart and Ooredoo

“NIRU Accelerator is a 360-degree programme for new entrepreneurs, especially those more inclined towards ICT development, and offers access to the right resources, seed funding and connecting to great mentors with valuable connections to powerful networks,” said Najib Khan, Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo Maldives.

Ooredoo’s vision is centred on enriching people’s lives through its technologies and services.Its not that easy to This is where ideamart comes to the play,with the experience we have within our community

Maldives should be initially providing a space — a hub — for technology and start ups in Southeast Asia. The tech funding are increasing in large amounts over the years which makes it a lucrative market place for technology hub.

The talent and mentorship of technology they acquired will only help them grow bigger, eventually becoming the Silicon Valley of South Asia.

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