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Hospital: Abandoned newborn healthy, no injuries

The newborn infant discovered abandoned in a bucket at G. Dh. Vaadhoo is healthy, reports Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital.

The newborn infant was birthed unassisted inside the bathroom of the mother’s residence. The infant was discovered inside a bucket in the bathroom at approximately 7:10 pm last Monday.

Both the infant and the mother were treated at the Vaadhoo health centre and transferred to the Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital at G. Dh. Thinadhoo last Monday night.

Aminath Abdul Hakeem, who manages the Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital, reported to ‘Sun’ this Tuesday that both the infant and the mother are in good health.

She said the infant shows no sign of any external or internal injuries.

“The baby and the mother are both well. We are treating her like a normal baby. Every infant is hospitalized the first 48 hours after birth. This is the procedure we are following,” said Aminath.

Maldives Police Service has confirmed the authority is investigating the case. But has disclosed no details regarding its investigation.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services has also confirmed it is investigating the case.

“The Ministry is working in cooperation with the family and relevant State agencies to ensure the safety and protection of the child,” wrote Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services in a statement it issued last Monday night.

Locals report the mother is a divorcee who has three other children from her previous marriage.

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