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Honorable Ali Waheed Makes Official Visit to AA. Thoddoo

Minister of Tourism, Honorable Ali Waheed has made an official visit to Alif Alif atoll Thoddoo. He arrived to the island on 11th April 2019. The trip was made to identify the state of the island in many different aspects.

During his visit, the Minister visited the Health Center in Thoddoo and visited the ill and listened to the concerns of those working in the centre regarding any difficulties faced while operating the centre. He also met with the Thoddoo council in order to listen to their concerns. Mr Ali Waheed also made a visit to the Thoddoo School in order to gain an understanding regarding the state of the School.

The Minister also met up with guesthouse representatives, clubs and organizational representatives who voiced out their difficulties in their line of work. In addition, as the acting Minister of Youth and Sports, he also visited the football pitch in Thoddoo and identified the state of the area.


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