Honeymoon at Conrad Maldives: Seaplane transfer and arrival

Check-in at the Conrad Booth

Conrad Maldives booth in Velana International Airport.

We checked out of Elite Beach Inn early in the morning in anticipation of our arrival to Conrad Maldives. It felt surreal when you planned a dream vacation for months and finally you are ready to embark. First stop was the Conrad booth back in the airport.

Left: Chubby tired of waiting. Right: Heong savored her coffee in the cafe.

Close to our arrival date, a Conrad representative communicated with us on the details regarding the seaplane transfer, along with an allotted time to check in. We tried to check in an hour earlier assuming we could enjoy the lounge longer but it was in vain. So, we camped in a nearby cafe to kill time.

First step to Conrad Maldives: get your bag tagged!

Left: Conrad shuttle van from airport to Conrad Lounge. Right: Balcony view at Conrad Lounge.

When we return, our luggage was tagged and we were brought to the seaplane check-in counter. After weighing the luggage, the staff directed us to a shuttle van which brought us to the Conrad lounge. Our time here was short, and we wished we could stay longer because the decorations in the lounge were exquisite and the food palatable.

Conrad Lounge sitting area.

Light refreshment.

Small bites before our maiden seaplane departure.

Seaplane boarding pass.

Conrad had little control over the schedule and they relied on the seaplane company to notify us when we would depart. We were asked to sign a consensus document and were given our boarding pass. In less than 15 minutes, we were transported to the departure platform next to the harbour. The red white seaplane was readily waiting for our arrival. We hopped onto the seaplane and it took off slowly. The cabin was really tiny but it could fit up to 15 people. Prime spots for good aerial pictures would be the front window seats before the turbine. The 45 minutes flight was fraught with sights of atolls and intriguing island formations.

Ready to board the seaplane.

Seaplane interior.

Left: More atolls. Right: Aerial view of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.


Friendly Conrad staff waited eagerly to welcome our arrival.

We landed in front of a small hut in the middle of the link bridge between two islands. The friendly staff of Conrad Maldives had been waiting for us with refreshing cold towel and bottled water. Every group of guests were assigned an island host that will take care of all needs during their stay in Conrad Maldives. We were fortunate to have Olga as our island host She led us to the reception area via the long-stretching link bridge, while explaining about the resort and its facilities.

Left: Arrival lounge. Right: Platform for seaplane.

Left: Outdoor extension of the lobby area. Right: The lobby.

The floor in the reception area was covered with sand, and to my surprise, the sand was not as fine as I imagined. While not too coarse, it wasn’t the most comfortable sand to step on. Olga sat us down and handed us a letter detailing the complimentary benefits we could enjoy as Hilton Honors Diamond members.

Our welcome letter to Conrad Maldives.

Walls of green leading to our room.

On our way to the long-awaited Beach Villa, she introduced all of the available facilities in the resorts that include restaurants, spas, water activities, and excursions, while passing a paveway surrounded by walls of green.

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