Honeymoon at Conrad Maldives: CMB > MLE

CMB > MLE: Srilankan Airlines 115

This was one of the few occasions where I wished the flight was longer. The business class layout in UL 115 was the familiar 1–2–1 seen in most other airlines. It baffled me that a one-hour flight has a better layout than a three-hour flight, and I very much would swap this experience with the previous segment in a heartbeat.

The seat was much more spacious and personal, with the diagonal arrangement providing ample privacy. The seat can be laid back to 180 degree which transformed it to a flatbed. Plenty of room to store small suitcases or your personal electronics.

Before long, (yet another) meal was served. Again, it was delectable. But I was too stuffed to enjoy the meal in the entirety that it deserved. Male was in sight as time flew by in bliss.

1–2–1 configuration in the business class.
Window seat 4A.
Plenty of legroom for small luggage.
Electronic control of the seat.
In-flight entertainment system.
Menu of the day.
Prawn biryani.
Atolls from atop.
First view of Male.

Velana International Airport

Still, there was no direct link bridge from the aircraft to the terminal building. Velana International Airport was even smaller than CMB, no doubt due to the limitation in land mass as it is in fact on an island. We took time to fill up the custom declaration form, I was taken aback when I found that I had to declare what vaccination I did, only to realize it was required only for people from certain African countries. The queue wasn’t particularly long, but it still took us about half an hour to go through. Worse still, Velana International Airport has no air-conditioning in the public area. I was fairly tired after an early flight and the humid hot weather didn’t help.


The Wellness lounge was like an oasis in the middle of the desert. I felt rejuvenated by the cooling air, fresh cookies (it’s really delicious!), refreshing juice, and great hospitality of the staff.

Last but not least, free WiFi to connect to the rest of the world!

Cookies and juices.
Service counter in Wellness.

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