Honeymoon at Conrad Maldives: Cheese fondue

We were really excited to indulge in the cheese fondue at the Cheese and Wine Bar, which reportedly serves over 100 type of cheeses from all around the world. When we first entered restaurant, we were overwhelmed by a thick cheese odor. Chubby thought it was aromatic but I thought they could have cleared the odor every time after each dining service. The restaurant only has a long dining table and it is surrounded by three walls of wine. I initially expected to have a private table and a romantic dining experience. We were a little bit uncomfortable when we were seated in between two pairs of unknown couples sharing the same table with close proximity to each other.
While we waited for our meal, everyone in the room was exceptionally quiet because conversation could be eavesdropped by anyone. Luckily, we can converse in Mandarin and we hoped the couples sitting next to us couldn’t understand. After what felt like an eternity, I couldn’t stand the staring and waiting. Thus, the socially awkward me had to step up the social game. We struck up conversation with the couples and had interesting chats, only to realize we all booked Conrad Maldives with points! In between our small talks, our appetizer was served.

Thick cheese soup as the appetizer.

The cheese soup was not exactly creamy, yet the flavor was intense and concentrated, like a diluted cream soup that is made entirely of cheese. On the side, small slices of fruits complemented the special starter to our evening.

The cheese fondue was finally set up! We were ecstatic to see a pot of melting goodies that was made of a combination of three different types of cheese. Cheese fondue is typically prepared with white wine, but in Conrad Maldives it was with champagne. Complimentary bread cubes, pickles, and potatoes were served as sides to be dipped with cheese.

Lemon sorbet was our dessert for the day, along with port wine and its intriguing origin told by our sommelier. I could tell the others were not too impressed with the port wine because it was too sweet.

Lemon sorbet as dessert.

Overall we splurged around USD 300 for the meal! Did the price justify the whole experience? For what was a novel experience, we wished the seating to be more intimate. Chubby rated the meal 8.5 out of 10. I, on the other hand, wished they would provide more varieties of side dishes such as cherry tomatoes or mushroom. It wasn’t filling enough, so we binged on instant noodles to cure the cravings.

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