Home Ministry: Talk of Addu separation is a treasonous plan

Ministry of Home Affairs has said that discussing the separation of Addu City to form an independent state is an act of treason.

In a statement issued by the ministry in response to the audio leak of the former President Mohamed Nasheed and a group of people from Addu talking about forming an independent state of Addu, the Home Ministry said that it is an uncivilized act that would create public conflict and affect the historic friendship among the Maldivian people.

The ministry said that from the news on the Maldivian media, it is clear that it was an act by a former President of the country and it is something the Maldivian people must be sad and concerned about.

Home Ministry said that this uncivilized act was carried out in the dangerous intent to do whatever it takes to achieve selfish personal goals. The ministry also advised that such treasonous acts be stopped immediately and not to engage in such behaviour.

The audio leak hit social media on Sunday is believed to be a discussion between President Nasheed and some Councilors of Addu City. Sources say that it was recorded earlier in the year in Colombo.

On the leaked audio, a citizen of Addu is heard suggesting breaking away from the Maldives and establishing Addu City as an independent nation. And Nasheed is heard saying “separation will not be possible without weapons”. Nasheed then took the example of Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean.

The Home Ministry statement said that the Maldivian Constitution is clear on the sovereignty of the Maldivian state and the government would not allow anyone via internal or external influences to abuse the Constitution in any shape or form and separate from the nation.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Sun.mv

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