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Home Minister meets with the Prison Audit Commission

Home Minister, Sheikh Imran Abdulla, has met with the state commission formed to conduct an audit of the jails and prisons in the country.

At the meeting, the Home Minister said that the audit of the prisons are connected to the interests of the public and must be carried out with care. Sheikh Imran said that the members on the commission are capable figures that he has placed his complete trust in.

the main goal of the commission would be to check the conditions of the prisons and make a report of the changes that are needed. The Ministry said that protecting rights of the inmates and guaranteeing the said rights is also part of the Commission’s responsibility.

The newly formed audit commission consists of seven people.

They are:

  • Dr Abdulla Isneen Hilmee (Hithadhoo, Addu City)
  • Sheikh Ahmed Abdulkareen (Hulhumalé)
  • Shahinda Ismail (Malé City)
  • Ahmed Mohamedfulhu (Raa atoll Kandholhudhoo)
  • Juhail Dhaud (Malé City)
  • Shriya Adam (Alifu Dhaalu atoll Dhangethi)
  • Aminath Naheem Ahmed (Fuvahmulah City)

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