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‘Hiyaa’ form collection on Sunday, token available online

While the application forms for flats under the “Hiyaa” project is set to begin on Sunday, the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure has said that the tokens for the collection queue will be available online.

The project’s application forms became available on 6 May 2018 at the “Hiyaa Expo” held at Dharubaaruge by the Housing Ministry where information and application forms were made available to the public. The Ministry also established a system to download application forms online.

Applicants can submit the forms starting from 3 June, Sunday.

Talking on PSM’s “Raajje Miadhu” (Maldives Today) program, the Deputy Minister at the Housing Ministry, Ibrahim Nazeem said that form submission is set to take place under a very easy procedure.

And so to facilitate a system where applicants would not have to wait in queue, tokens will be made available via the mobile application, QueueBee. Via the mobile application, users can check their token status and go the Dharubaaruge when their token number is closer to being called.

QueueBee is a queue management application that is currently being used in a number of state institutes.

Deputy Ministry Nazeem said that there would be 21 counters accepting forms at Dharubaaruge. He said that there would be no need to stand in a queue too early.

As the application forms are being issued for the 7,000 flats being built under the Hiyaa Project, Housing Minister, this week, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said that over 40,000 people have took application forms from Dharubaaruge and a large number of people have downloaded the form online.

Under the Phase 2 of the Hulhumale’ Development Project, a total of 7,000 flats will be given out. The categories in the flats are:

  • 1,000 flats for Married people between the age of 18-40.
  • 1,000 flats for Male’ City residents not on the city residency list.
  • 1,044 flats for Male’ City residents on the city residency list.
  • 1,000 flats for Civil Servants.
  • 475 flats for Doctors and Nurses.
  • 625 flats for Teachers.
  • 500 flats for Single Parents.
  • 200 flats for people and families with disabilities.
  • 300 flats for Police Officers.
  • 300 flats for Military personnel.
  • 256 flats for poor families in western Maafannu ward in Male’ City.
  • 300 flats for those who paid for but did not get a flat in Gulhifalhu and those who got the flat and could not pay for TATA flats.

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