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High Court upholds verdict sentencing Adhaalath Party leader to 12 years

Sheikh Imran Abdulla leaves the High Court after his final appeal hearing. PHOTO/MIHAARU

The High Court on Sunday backed the verdict of the Criminal Court to jail religiously conservative Adhaalath Party’s president Sheikh Imran Abdulla for 12 years on terrorism charges.

Sheikh Imran is charged with terrorism for inciting violence during a major opposition protest held in May 2015. Hence, the appeal of the verdict has only been concluded after a year.

Since mid-2016, Imran has been serving his jail sentence under house arrest as renovations are said to be ongoing at prison. The decision made by the High Court bench consisting of Chief Judge Abdulla Didi, Judge Ali Sameer and Judge Abdul Rauf stated that there is no possibility of declaring that the Criminal Court’s verdict is against the Constitution and Islamic Sharia. The High Court’s verdict also read that the appellant could not prove his innocence during the appeal.

Sheikh Imran’s lawyer Husnu Al Suood has declared that his defendant’s jail sentence violates constitutional laws and highlighted 12 points to nullify the Criminal Court’s original verdict. He especially stressed that the Criminal Court had sentenced Sheikh Imran without presenting any witnesses.

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