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High Court upholds death penalty for killer in Fuvahmulah gang violence

High Court of Maldives PHOTO:Nishan Ali/Mihaaru

High Court of Maldives PHOTO:Nishan Ali/Mihaaru

The High Court on Thursday upheld the verdict which found murder suspect Hassan Fareed guilty of killing a man in a gang violence incident in Fuvahmulah island.

Fareed is convicted of attacking and killing a man named Abdulla Shuhad with a sharp object in a fight between gangs from two of Fuvahmulah’s wards in January 2010. The Criminal Court put Fareed on death row in May 2015. The High Court ended Fareed’s appeal of the case early Thursday, upholding the lower court’s verdict.

The verdict, passed unanimously by the Judge’s Bench, was read by Judge Ali Sameer, who stated that all evidence proved “without doubt” that Fareed had stabbed Shuhad which was the cause of his death. Noting that Fareed’s case meets all the conditions of first degree murder and that Shuhad’s inheritors unanimously agreed to demand the death penalty, Judge Sameer declared capital punishment as Fareed’s sentence.

The judge highlighted that seven witnesses testified at the Criminal Court that Fareed had stabbed Shuhad, while the state prosecution had provided more evidence to back the witness testimonies.

Judge Sameer also responded to the issue raised by Fareed, who noted that testimonies had not been taken from Fareed’s defence witnesses. The judge stated that as the prosecution’s evidences and testimonies were too strong and could not be overridden, the lack of defence witness testimonies made little difference to the outcome.

The verdict further stressed that Fareed had been accorded all of his rights as the defendant during his trial at the lower court. The court highlighted that Fareed himself had chosen to forgo a state appointed attorney, maintained silence during the investigation, and had been given chances to question the witnesses.

The judges presiding over the case were Ali Sameer, Abdulla Hameed and Abdul Rauf Ibrahim.

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