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High Court to reach verdict on opposition lawmaker’s appeal soon

MP Mahloof reacts as he is led away by police after the criminal court sentenced him to four months in jail on Monday. MIHAARU PHOTO/MOHAMED SHARUHAAN

The judges of the High Court stated Thursday that a decision will soon be reached regarding the verdict issued by the Criminal Court to jail opposition lawmaker Ahmed Mahloof for six months.

The independent MP for South Galolhu constituency was first sentenced to four months and 24 days in prison after the Criminal Court found him guilty of obstructing police officers during an opposition protest in April 2016. A week later, he received a further six months for pushing police barricades and entering a restricted area during a protest in March 2015.

However, Mahloof has raised several doubts about the trial conducted by the Criminal Court in his case. One of the doubts regards the testimonies given against him by police officers. One police officer who was presented as a witness stated that Mahloof had always been in his sight during the protest. However, Mahloof says that the claim is questionable considering how he had been among a large crowd of protesters.

Moreover, noting that two police officers have testified that they heard via their walkie talkies that Mahloof had forcefully entered a restricted area, Mahloof highlighted that they mentioned a different place in their testimony. Ss there are no pictures or video footage proving the accusations, Mahloof said it is uncertain.

He also criticized the refusal of a defense testimony, saying that it was denied after sending a second notice to the witnesses.

He also complained about not receiving enough meetings with his lawyers during his sentence. Subsequently, the judges ordered to allow the meetings according to procedure.

While the hearings have been concluded for the trial by the judge’s bench comprising of Judge Abdulla Hameed, Judge Abdul Rauf and Judge Abdul Sameer, they announced that a decision will be soon made.

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