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High court frees Gasim as Prosecutor General files bribery charges

April 12 17:33 2017

The high court has ordered the police to release Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim from custody after overturning an arrest warrant issued by the criminal court.

The appellate court ruled on Wednesday afternoon that his arrest was illegal as it violated the parliamentary privileges law, which requires the Prosecutor General to seek a warrant if a sitting MP is to be detained for a criminal investigation.

Gasim told reporters upon his release that he believes the police and criminal court “acted by mistake” as the supreme court has struck down several provisions of the privileges law.

“Even the Prosecutor General’s office and the judges agreed that the process of my arrest was not the way it is supposed to be,” he said.

“I want to note that police officers and the people in criminal court who dealt with me treated me very well. As someone who was arrested in 2004, and 2012 I notice how much the conduct of people in these institutions have changed, but in a good way, forwards not backwards, in the direction of progress.

“The rules and procedures are much stricter than it was in 2004, but it is not their fault. They treated me very humanely, without any animosity.”

Gasim was arrested on Thursday night on charges of attempting to bribe lawmakers and trying to overthrow the government. On Friday, the criminal court remanded the business tycoon for six days and asked the police to submit evidence.

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Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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