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High Court cautions PG over Rilwan’s case

The statement set out by the Prosecutor General (PG) in the case of missing journalist Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla has been refuted by the High Court after the PG tweeted that the office had asked to appeal in the case.

The High Court had sent a letter to the family of Rilwan who went missing in 2014 stating that it had received no request to appeal in the case by the PG after the family requested to clarify the issue from the High Court.

However, the PG had stated in a tweet on Thursday night that it had requested the High Court to appeal in Rilwan’s case and it had even received an answer from the High Court for the request.

This prompted a response from the High Court which set out a statement yesterday that it had received a request from the PG on August 2, stating that it intends to appeal in the case of Rilwan after it received a report of the case from the Criminal Court which had acquitted the two suspects charged in the case.

The High Court replied to the request of the PG by citing the circular published by the Supreme Court on January 27, 2015, that a request to appeal in a case can be submitted under article (29) (C), if a time period of ten days had passed after the case was decided by the lower court, The High Court would then decide the matter according to the court procedures after it was submitted.

The High Court’s statement also highlighted that no other communications regarding the case of Rilwan were carried out with the PG. The PG had not asked to appeal in the case after nearly a year since the Criminal Court’s verdict in the case, read the statement from the High Court.

The High Court’s statement finally cautioned the PG office to not make statements that would undermine the court’s integrity in the hearts of the citizens.

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