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Hearing set for Thursday regarding seats of 12 MPs

Supreme Court has set a hearing for Thursday, 1:30 p.m. regarding the government’s request to void the section of the court order from the Supreme Court on 1 February 2018 which reinstated 12 MPs.

The court order issued on 1 February overruled the verdict from July of the previous year which said that 12 MPs have lost their seats at the Parliament.

Supreme Court has ordered a stay on that portion of the verdict until the case filed by the government is resolved.

The agenda for the hearing on Thursday is unclear at this time. The last hearing, in that case, was held in March.

The case previously presided over a panel of three judges are now being presided bt five judges.

The former Chief Justice, Abdulla Saeed and the Supreme Court Judge, Ali Hameed Mohamed lost their jobs after being convicted of bribery and the High Court Judge, Abdulla Didi was appointed to the Supreme Court and Judge Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi was appointed a the new Chief Justice.

While the government pursues to depose 12 MPs, an Article was included in the recently passed Anti-Defection Bill that would cause the 12 MPs to lose their seats at the Parliament.

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