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HDC: Bridge won’t cause traffic jam in Hulhumale’

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has said that the streets of Hulhumale’ would not be experiencing traffic jam as they are in Male’ City once the bridge opens.

Speaking at the interactive session for youth at the Huhumale’ Fahiveni Community Center yesterday, Urban Designer at HDC, Ahmed Shahid, said that all the vehicles that travel the bridge can get on to Hulhumale’.

He said that the streets of Hulhumale’ are designed to minimize traffic jams with space for vehicles to move even when other vehicles are stopped on the side.

A street of Hulhumale’. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Shahid said that even though there are no traffic jams, there could be difficult when it comes to parking space. However, mechanical parking systems are being installed for the bridge opening and the parking issues would be solved when they are complete.

He said the bridge is also going to increase the use of public transport buses and thus minimizing the cause to use private vehicles.

Inside the highway development at Hulhumale’ for the Bridge. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The participants at the interactive session yesterday were given a tour of the side for the second phase of the Hulhumale’ Development Project.

HDC said that Hulhumale’ is being developed to accommodate one-third of the Maldivian population.

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