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Haruge, Malaafaiy and Farivalhu restaurants amp up new recipes

It’s always blissful to hear about new, innovative food recipes making their way into our well-deserved bellies. Fortunately for the guests of Kuramathi; food is something that is continuously being improved upon where a new dish pops up here and there leaving you to decide what to feast on during chow time.

Haruge Restaurant

Haruge Restaurant

Fresh vegetarian options are now on offer, bringing to you the exotic fare of the Indian vegetarian cuisine. Available during lunch and dinner; healthy food connoisseurs can indulge in vegetarian based dishes presented in a potpourri of flavours.

And then there’s dessert; where an all-new twist occurs in the Maldivian and Sri Lankan themed buffet. Taking in the authentic recipes of both countries, delectable delights such as banana fritters, screw pine cake and sweet rice balls are featured to satiate that sweet tooth.

Be sure to savour the deliciousness of these goodies!

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