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Hanafy: 139 deported per month for attempt to work on tourist visa

Maldives Immigration says it turns away an average of 139 migrants per month at the border.

Local photographer and surfer, Ahmed Aznil held a peaceful demonstration in front of the President’s Office last Sunday to urge government authorities to address the issue of foreigners who engage in professional work after entering into Maldives on a tourist visa.

In response to the concern over the issue, Controller of Immigration, Mohamed Ahmed Hussain (Hanafy), took to Twitter this Monday morning to reaffirm Maldives Immigration’s commitment to stopping the practice.

“Anyone who is suspected of such an attempt is denied entry and turned away upon arrival,” said Hanafy.

He said that an average of 139 foreigners who are suspected of attempting to engage in professional work on a tourist visa or any other attempted visa violation are turned away at the border each month.

He has also asked for cooperation from members of the public for Immigration’s efforts.


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