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Ground floor opportunity to own a luxury villa in The Maldives

Anyone in the travel industry would be quick to agree that consumers are demanding more luxury and more experiences when purchasing travel. Luxury villas and residential properties are now the accommodation of choice for large groups and affluent individuals as they offer uncompromising luxury while delivering a memorable localized experience.

Investors and entrepreneurs who are interested in acquiring a luxury villa to add to their portfolio must strike a balance between destination cache and potential return on investment versus initial investment costs.

The Maldives represents the best opportunity for potential owners to get in on the market without an enormous outlay of cash. Consistently making top 10 lists, The Maldives is the one of the top emerging luxury destinations where property values are still not a barrier to entry.

One opportunity for saavy business people to consider is on the Addu atoll where a 10 room guesthouse is located among the lush tropical backdrop of the Maldives. Ready for remodeling, the developers are looking to launch this as the premiere destination in the region.

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By Doron Levy Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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