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Govt. marks 11 buildings in danger of collapsing

The Planning and Infrastructure Ministry has stated that 11 buildings in bad condition that might pose a danger to the public have come to its attention.

The planning Ministry’s Construction Industrial Development Department stated that assessments regarding these 11 buildings located in Male’ city have been conducted and submitted to the Male’ City Council.

Since these buildings are public property, discussions between the owners, Male’ City Council and the Ministry have taken place. Incidents of some parts of old buildings falling apart have recently left people injured and goods damaged.

The Ministry also noted that the relocation of the government offices in Huravee Building has still not been finalized due to difficulties in finding accommodation space.

Officials from the Ministry have visited 337 locations in Male’ City to monitor the condition of the buildings in the location. The issues noted with the buildings have been shared with the Council, according to the Ministry.

The Ministry stated that they are checking locations randomly and highlighted cases of when some buildings are built higher than the limit that was permitted. The Ministry noted that safety precautions were being taken more seriously due to the checks. The Ministry also noted that hefty fines were placed on those who violated the safety measures, with the biggest fine being MVR 500,000.

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