Govt coalition leader slams defamatory remarks against Saudi

[Image: MDA Leader and potential presidential rival Ahmed Siyam Mohamed speaking at the introductory ceremony of MDA candidates for Local Council Elections. PHOTO:Hussain Waheed/Mihaaru.]

The leader of the government’s junior coalition partner, Maldives Development Alliance (MDA),   Ahmed Siyam Mohamed, has condemned the opposition’s “defamation” of Saudi Arabia as a “terrorist producing hub”, calling it a low and LaaDheenee [irreligious] act.

Speaking at the ceremony to introduce the  MDA’s candidates for the upcoming Local Council Elections late Sunday, Siyam challenged the interview given by Former President Mohamed Nasheed regarding the alleged purchase by Saudi Arabia of Faafu Atoll, and stated that such talk only “enables the slavery of the nation.”

Describing Saudi Arabia as the “Mother of Islamic Nations”, Siyam added that the kingdom is one country which spends the most to eliminate terrorism in the world.

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Source URL: Mihaaru-News

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