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Government reiterates call for opposition sit down for unconditional talks

The Maldivian government has repeated its appeal to the opposition to set aside any conditions and engage with the government in all-party talks.

The government has invited the opposition to sit down for talks twice since the political crisis which unfolded in the country on February 1, when the Supreme Court issued an unprecedented order for the immediate release of nine politicians and immediate reinstatement of 12 lawmakers.

The opposition has refused to engage in direct talks with the Maldivian government, and has requested the United Nations act as mediator in the all-party talks.

Government’s chief negotiator in all-party talks, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Dr. Mohamed Shainee reiterated the government’s appeal for the opposition to engage in all-party talks in a tweet this Tuesday.

In his tweet, Shainee noted the European Union has urged the government and political parties engage in an open dialogue in order to resolve the current political crisis.

Shainee’s tweet comes after EU’s Foreign Affairs Council issued a decree on Monday expressing concern over the current situation in Maldives.

EU called for the Maldivian government to abolish the State of Emergency it declared on February 5 and engage in an open dialogue opposition political parties in order to pave the way for a free and fair presidential election. The EU also alleged the government was exuding influence over the judiciary.

It warned “targeted measures” if the situation in Maldives does not improve.

Meanwhile, leader of main opposition political party, MDP’s parliamentary group, Hinnavaru MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) said in an earlier statement that the opposition has no intention of sitting down for talks until the government releases all politicians it has arrested during the State of Emergency.

Conditions set by the opposition:

– The UN must act as mediator.

– The government must follow the Constitution.

– Supreme Court’s order on February 1 must be immediately enforced.

– The two Supreme Court judges must be released, and the Chief Justice must start running the Supreme Court again.

– Those arrested during the State of Emergency but be immediately released.

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