Government policy is to attach equally high priority to our mother tongue, while going forward with the development agenda – Vice President – Press Releases

Vice President Abdulla Jihad has said that the government’s policy is to move forward with our development agenda while attaching high priority to our mother tongue. The Vice President made this remark while speaking at the Academy Awards 2016 organised by the Dhivehi Language Academy, in recognition of outstanding service to the Dhivehi language.

Speaking at the function, the Vice President noted that the administration puts in great effort to implement this policy to promote the Dhivehi language, which was among the most important national policies for President Yameen. He underscored the efforts being put in to implement the National Language (Priority) Act.

In his speech, the Vice President said that any nation with their own language and script must build their nation, making literature an important part of their nationality. He further said that a nation must excel while considering its literary arts an important pillar of nationality.

Speaking at the function, the Vice President noted the importance of innovation and technology in the development of Dhivehi language. He said that showing the richness of Dhivehi language to the world was just as important as promoting the natural beauty of the country. He also urged Maldivians to aim towards making the Dhivehi language universal and spoken around the world.

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Source URL: The President's Office

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