Government of Maldives respects Supreme Court rulings; Administration currently working towards compliance – Government of Maldives – Press Releases

The President's Office

At a press briefing held on Thursday evening, the Maldives’ Minister of Defence and National Security made assurances that the Administration would always abide by the rulings of the Supreme Court. The Defence Minister also called upon the Maldivian people to put on a united front, and work together with patience to maintain the country’s peace and stability, uphold the country’s laws, and urged all to cooperate with law enforcement in ensuring the safety of all Maldivians.

The Defence Minister further reiterated that the Administration always puts the safety of the country and its people first. The administration will continue to work towards strengthening the Maldives’ democratic system and follow the administration’s developmental policies he said.

Speaking at the press briefing, the Attorney General stated that the Administration was currently working to vet and clarify tonight’s Supreme Court’s ruling. He also said that the Administration would work to engage and consult with the Supreme Court, in order to comply with the ruling, in line with proper procedure and the rule of law.

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