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Government earns total revenue of 1.5 billion in January 2019

The government earned a total revenue of 1.5 billion in January 2019 as per statistics released by the Ministry of Finance. The highest percentage of income earned by the government was from tax and import duty. The total income of the government is 1.5 billion, out of which 1.1 billion was earned as tax and the rest is 434.2 million.

Revenue earned as tax includes 282 million from import duty, 424.1 million from GST, 57.2 million from airport service charge and 48.2 million from Green Tax. Since the income of the government is greater than what spent, January ended with a surplus of 351.1 million.

According to the statistics, the government spent a total of 1.2 billion within a month. This includes governmental expenses, interest, and money spent on financing the projects begun by the government. During this period, the largest amount of money was spent on civil servants wages which were 767.7 million and pension money, which equalled to 126.3 million rufiyaas.

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