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Government blasts Nasheed over terror threat claims

The government has slammed former president Mohamed Nasheed for his remarks over terrorism and the Maldives, local media reports.

In a statement Tuesday the government denied there was an immediate terror threat and accused him of exaggerating for personal and political benefit.

Nasheed on Monday told a news conference there was a parallel state of religious radicals ready to overrun the country and that there were 300 Maldivians fighting in Syria and Iraq.

“If they are flushed out of these countries they are bound to return,” he said. “Once they establish themselves in the Maldives it’s difficult to see how they can be contained.”

The government rejected his claims and said counter-terrorism was a priority, Avas reported.

“In today’s world, no country big or small is immune from the actions of terrorists. No country can assure the safety of its shores from the threats of terrorism. Maldives being a tourist destination will not relent in our efforts to ensure the safety and security of our people and the many visitors we host.”

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Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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