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Gender ministry official on trial for negligence dismissed unfairly, court rules

March 04 22:08 2017 by Saya Ahmed

The High Court on Tuesday upheld a decision by the Employment Tribunal declaring that a gender ministry employee on trial over negligence in the murder of a three-year-old boy was unfairly dismissed.

Ahmed Shuzad was working at the Vaavu Atoll family and child protection centre when Mohamed Ibthihaal was found dead with signs of severe physical abuse on January 28, 2015. His mother, Afiya Mohamed, has since confessed at court to killing her child.

A three-judge panel agreed with the tribunal’s finding that the state was unable to provide Shuzad’s job description or justify his dismissal over negligence.

Ibthihaal’s abuse by his mother was reported to the ministry before his murder.

“As Ahmed Shuzad was not provided with the necessary training to oversee such a sensitive case, it cannot be concluded that he was intentionally negligent,” the High Court ruled.

The judges also noted that the procedures of the gender ministry were not made clear and that Shuzad was assigned another high priority case after Ibthihaal’s death because the ministry did not find a reason “to immediately dismiss him” with reference to the civil service law.

Shuzad is among four gender ministry employees presently on trial, along with a policeman, over negligence in the child’s murder.

Full details and background of this disturbing case are available from the link below:

Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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