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Gayoom refuses to cooperate with ‘illegal investigation’

Maumoon Gayoom

Former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom refused to cooperate with “an illegal investigation” when he was questioned for the first time after more than a month in police custody, his lawyer revealed Saturday.

The 80-year-old former strongman was arrested on charges of plotting a coup shortly after President Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency on February 5.

He was accused of bribing lawmakers and judges to topple his half-brother’s administration. But police have so far only sought charges of destroying evidence and the Prosecutor General’s office has yet to decide on filing the case at court.

The growing ranks of detainees since Yameen invoked emergency powers and suspended constitutional due process rights include two Supreme Court justices, four lawmakers, two ex-police commissioners, Special Ops police, soldiers and several opposition figures.

Citing alleged plans to overthrow the government through street violence, police arrested five senior Maldivian Democratic Party members last Thursday and warned that more arrests may follow in the coming days.

Hassan Shiyan, an MDP council member and head of the Thoddoo branch, was arrested Saturday under emergency powers.

During the state of emergency, detainees are deprived of several due process rights such as being informed of charges and taken before a judge in 24 hours. The criminal procedures law is also suspended.

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Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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