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The President's Office

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has established the Fuvammulah City Council, following the declaration of the island’s city status. The President has also established the Secretariat of the Fuvammulah City Council.

Following the President’s decision, and since the term of the current local councils of Fuvammulah Island has expired, President Yameen has abolished the councils and their respective secretariats, as listed below:

1. Fuvammulah Atoll Council and Secretariat
2. Fuvammulah Atoll Dhadimagu Council and Secretariat
3. Fuvammulah Atoll Dhiguvaadu Council and Secretariat
4. Fuvammulah Atoll Hoadhadu Council and Secretariat
5. Fuvammulah Atoll Maadhadu Council and Secretariat
6. Fuvammulah Atoll Miskiymagu Council and Secretariat
7. Fuvammulah Atoll Funaadu Council and Secretariat
8. Fuvammulah Atoll Male’gan council and secretariat
9. Fuvammulah Atoll Dhoodigan Council and Secretariat

After discussions with the cabinet, and as empowered by Article 56 of the “Decentralisation Act” (Act No. 7/2010), President Yameen has designated that the Fuvammulah City Council will get equivalent authorities and provisions as Malé City Council and Addu City Council.

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