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Ibrahim Fathih, best known as Thaadey, is a Club Maldives Cup winner with MPL in the 8th edition of the tournament in 2013. He is a consistent player in the tournament, making this his 8th consecutive year.

He is now representing the fourth team in the tournament. He long served for MPL, from 2013 – 2015, where he won the silverware. He also represented Stelco RC and Allied twice, and now it is his first year with TCL.

Following is an exclusive interview with him.

Q. Who is the best player in TCL?
A. For me the best player in TCL is Mohamed Riffath (Rippe). He is a perfect player and a match-turner. He has got a good pace and dribbling. This is the 3rd time I am playing with him in Club Maldives Cup. After all, he is a mentor to me.

Q. What is your unforgettable moment of the competition?
A. The unforgettable moment of the competition is when we lost against STO RC on penalties in the 2014 final. That’s when I played for MPL. We were going to make a treble that year, but we were unfortunate.

Q. Which is the best team you have ever played with?
A. The best team for me is MPL in 2013. We went on winning the championship that year. I played with Ali Maais (Mattu), Ahmed Afradh (Afey), Mohamed Azzam and Mohamed Ayaz (Ayaa) then. All those were superb players. I really enjoyed playing with them.

Q. What is actually your favorite position? Really a goalkeeper?
A. Hehe… Yes. Goalkeeper is my favorite position.

Q. What is the most challenging team in the competition this year?
A. The most challenging team for me is actually Wamco. But they are out of the tournament with few mistakes they did against Dhiraagu in the round of 16. Wamco, because they have a skilled and young squad with a very positive attitude.

Q. What is the strength of your team TCL?
A. TCL’s strength is the effort given by players towards the game. We know our game begins at the practice. So that’s where we start focusing to a match and everyone in the team gives 100%, not any less.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for the team?
A. I think Abdulla Ziyan (Junky) has to be used more often. He is a talented player. He proved that last year when he was among the best 5 of the tournament. But coach knows best about the changes, we all respect his decisions.

Q. Finally, what is your Club Maldives Cup best 5?
A. That’s really a hard question. The players who will make it to my 5 are;
Hussain Shareef (Only), HDC
Abdulla Shaafiu (Shaappe), HDC
Abdulla Shaffan (Shaakaa), Maldivian
Ali Shifau (Rona), MPL
Hamid Hassan (Haante), HDC goal keeper

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