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Four state firms sign resolution to protect human rights

Fenaka’s MD Ahmed Shareef and HRCM's President Aminath Eenas show the resolution to protect and ensure human rights.

Fenaka’s MD Ahmed Shareef and HRCM’s President Aminath Eenas show the resolution to protect and ensure human rights.

State utility company Fenaka Corporation, Maldives Airports Company Ltd (MACL), Maldives Ports Ltd (MPL), and Aasandha Company which provides the universal healthcare scheme of the Maldives have signed a resolution with Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) to respect and ensure human rights.

HRCM’s President Aminath Eenas, Fenaka’s Managing Director Ahmed Shareef, MACL’s Managing Director Adil Moosa, MPL’s CEO Ibrahim Abdul Razzaq Haleem and Aasandha’s Managing Director Hassan Ali signed the resolution under which the four state companies agree to ensure the human rights of their employees and clients.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, MPL’s CEO Haleem declared that Maldives Ports always treats it staff with the utmost respect and, under the company’s rules and regulations to prevent discrimination and sexual harassment, anyone who violates the rules faces harsh consequences.

Fenaka’s MD Ahmed Shareef proclaimed that the utilities company’s regulations and policies are compiled in accordance with national laws and regulations to protect human rights. Noting that Fenaka serves two thirds of the archipelago’s population, Shareef stated that men and women are offered equal job opportunities and benefits at Fenaka. He added that he is yet to receive complaints from any female staff regarding any apprehensions or qualms in the workplace.

MACL’s MD Adil Moosa stated that with a workforce of 2,600, the airports company serves thousands of people that arrive in the Maldives each year. Assuring that MACL provides all the rights accorded under the law of the land, he said that the resolution signed with HRCM will further strengthen the provision of human rights. He added that the company will also look into the matter on an administrative level.

Meanwhile, Aasandha’s MD Hassan Ali hit back at concerns raised by the opposition and foreign bodies which claim that human rights have been compromised in the Maldives. Hassan asserted that the island nation ensures human rights the same as developed countries, and he lauded HRCM for its efforts to protect the rights of each and every individual.

HRCM was represented by its member Moosa Ali Kaleyfaanu who noted that the history of the Maldives indicates that companies are the most notorious violators of human rights. Stating that some companies had earlier objected to providing basic rights such as food, he stressed the importance of companies and institutions protecting the rights of their employees and clients.

Moosa Ali expressed hopes that by entering into the resolution with HRCM, the companies will be more involved and unwavering in ensuring the human rights accorded to all by the Maldivian Constitution.

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