Four leaders to Advise the new President with monthly meetings

Inside the coalition press briefing on 15 November 2018. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

President-elect, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that after he’s sworn in, the four leaders of the coalition would be advising him on the highest level with monthly meetings.

The four leaders of the coalition, former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Jumhoory Party Leader, Qasim Ibrahim, Adhaalath Party President, Sheikh Imran Abdulla, and the former President Mohamed Nasheed, met with the President-elect and his Vice President today at Hotel Jen.

Talking to the press after the meeting, the President-elect that the cabinet is was discussed at the meeting today and a decision has been made to keep the coalition intact until the next election.

He said that the opposition leaders were detained in different ways during the election but still worked hard.

At the press briefing today, former President Maumoon said that a lot of hard work was done by the MRM and members of his family to elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The former President Nasheed said that the cabinet of President Solih would be formed with members within the coalition and the leaders of the coalition agree on that.

Inside the coalition press briefing on 15 November 2018. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas) 

JP Leader Qasim Ibrahim said that the coalition will be working to make the hopes of the Maldivian people a reality.

And the President of the Adhaalath Party, Sheikh Imran said that the advice that comes from the four leaders of the coalition can be perceived as the voice at the people. And if the monthly discussions continue, things would proceed smoothly.

The newly elected Vice President, Faisal Naseem, said that the leaders are ready to do all it takes to achieve the dreams of the people. And the discussions would help resolve the small issues between the leaders and focus on those of the people.

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