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Former President Yameen summoned to Police

Former President Abdulla Yameen has been summoned to the Police.

“Sun” has learned that President Yameen was summoned in relation to the MMPRC scandal currently under investigation. President Yameen was summoned to appear at the Police around 2:00 today.

President Yameen is already on trial for money laundering in the case of the alleged USD one million acquisition costs that were supposed to go to the state but in turn, ended up in an Escrow account.

The MMPRC scandal is estimated to have lost around MVR 1.4 billion to the state. Out of the funds USD 77.5 is supposed to have been deposited to MMPRC, but in reality, only a meagre USD 12.5 million was deposited to MMPRC. Out of that money, USD 5.3 million was deposited into a SOF account as well.

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