FM: Maldivians can now use e-gate at UK Heathrow Airport

Maldivian citizens can now use the e-gate at the Heathrow Airport in London, the UK, says Minister of Foreign Affairs of Maldives, Dr Mohamed Asim.

Speaking in an interview with Public Service Media regarding the Visa Application Center at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Asim said Maldivians who frequently travel to London can use the e-gate at the Heathrow Airport if they register beforehand.

“Frequent travellers can register there and use the e-gate even now. I believe this is a huge convenience for people who travel to the UK. We are collaborating with the government of the UK on this,” said Dr Asim.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said the Maldivian government was working on making visa services easier for people who travel abroad.

Maldivians who travel to the UK need to obtain their visa from neighbouring Sri Lanka. But visas are currently available via the Visa Application Center until end of coming Thursday.

The Maldivian government has collaborated with the government of UK in the past in campaigns to have visas to the UK available from the Maldives.

Dr Asim said the number of visa application during the current campaign is higher than in previous years.

The minister said the government is negotiating for special visa arrangements for Maldivians travelling to Europe.

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